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"United States Explorer": New Map Available!

The Kentucky Geographic Alliance would like to announce the offering of a new map entitled "United States Explorer" which is now available free to teachers/KGA members. The colorful US political map displays state boundaries, state capitals, and major cities and highways along with physical features such as major lakes and rivers along with mountain ranges. This map will serve well as a reference map to the United States.

We also still have map many of a two sided map that was new in Fall 2012. On the front the map is titled "American War for Indepence" and on the reverse side is a map entitled "War of 1812" both of which features a number of important military routes and battle sites. Both also include pictoral images of war and have numerous descriptions on key battle ground areas.

The Kentucky Geographic Alliance would also like to remind teachers that we have other resources on hand that can be used in the classroom.  We offer several maps free to teachers to aid them in the classroom that can be used to make geographic relations to various disciplines.  One of our goals is to help you enhance the geographic awareness of your students and these maps can be a big part of that.  We have listed a few of the maps that are available; all maps are published by the National Geographic Society. 

  • A World Transformed- An early map of the US Atlantic coast with information on Jamestown.
  • The Dividing Link: Mexico & Central America- References this part of the world as a land bridge.
  • Changing Climate- A world map of surface temperature change.
  • World Map- A topographical map on one side and a geopolitical map on the reverse.
  • Iran: Born at the Crossroads- A map of Iran with information on the Persian Empire.
  • A Complete List of Available Maps

To request a map just fill out the Map Request Form and E-mail it to us a

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